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X-LARGE Wonky Box - 50 x Imperfect Pieces - Seconds

X-LARGE Wonky Box - 50 x Imperfect Pieces - Seconds

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This is a box filled with:

50 x randomly chosen imperfect plaster ornaments

12 x paints - colours chosen at random

- 1 Paint Brush or a few sponge applicators.

The reason we call these wonky boxes as they are items that are perfectly imperfect, that have small imperfections with air bubbles or small chips however still have LOADS of life left and paintable!

All (50) items are chosen at random and sizes vary.

These are one of our BEST SELLERS and sell out extremely quickly - so BE FAST as once they're gone their gone .. until next time.

All paint used is non toxic paint however it may still stain clothes or surfaces.

Adult Supervision required for those under the age of 3. These ornaments are not toys.

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